What should I wear on your tour?

For all outdoor experiences, Strong Interpretation highly recommends weather appropriate clothing and footwear, winter, spring, summer and fall. This means dressing in layers where you can add or remove a layer of clothing depending on your personal body temperature.  High tech fibers that wick away moisture from your body and are quick dry, work in your favor, as do clothing made from natural fibers, like wool and down will help keep you warm.  Please NO cotton socks as this will only make your feet colder and contribute to blisters.  Mitts not gloves in the winter also add to your warmth and enjoyment during the winter.  Hats are a must too to keep you head warm or stop those pesky mosquitoes from biting your scalp.  These are just a few recommendations to consider.  

When you book your tour, Rosie will discuss in detail the clothing requirements for your comfort, safety and enjoyment on your tour.

Please note, that Strong Interpretation reserves the right to refuse a guest if they do not have appropreate clothing or footwear for a tour.